My skills and expertise
Academic background in languages, international relations, and communication.
Fluency in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Conversational knowledge in German and French.
+10 years experience working with and for private companies, think tanks, research institutes, universities, and NGOs in Latin America, South Africa, Armenia, Europe, and Asia.
Good understanding of global cultural and political contexts.
Combination of communication (writing, design) with research, and analytical skills.

What can I offer?
Content research (literature, culture, communication, international relations) 
Academic research (international relations)
Content production (newsletters, blogposts, reports, social media posts, podcasts, videos,...) 
Data visualization and storytelling
Event planning and facilitation

Cenfri (South Africa), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Global), Sociopublico (Argentina/Brazil), On Think Tanks (Peru), Clube de Lisboa (Portugal), Data Science for Social Good Portugal, Data Science Portugal
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