Marília is a communications consultant with a focus on international relations working in the development of strategies, its implementation, and the research and production of content for several platforms.
She combines her interests and knowledge from different fields to help her clients communicating more effectively through different formats: reports, videos, presentations, graphics, events, whichever is best to fit their objectives.

Marília founded Global Diplomacy, a communications and international relations studio focused on research, training and consulting to help individuals and organizations better understand the world and communicate visually.

Literature has always been one of her interests. Encontros Improváveis is her personal newsletter, created in 2018, with essays in Portuguese, mostly about literature.

Marília volunteers part of her time to Data Science for Social Good Portugal and Data Visualization Lisboa helping them with communication. She is also one of the volunteers of Outlier Conference.

Her academic background is in international relations, languages, and communication, having studied at the University of Porto and Minho (Portugal), Maastricht University (the Netherlands), and Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).

Areas of interest: communication, international relations, conflicts, geopolitics, strategy, foresight, information design, data visualization, literature, culture
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