All of us wear different hats and I’m no exception. Austin Kleon once wrote that “lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb“, complicating what is easy. Something that I also tend to do.

To keep it simple, I’m usually reading or writing. I do a lot of research on topics that I’m curious about or that I need to know more for my projects (whether it is myths or rural development, power structures or Adobe After Effects) and I write: project’s proposals, reports, newsletters, tweets, essays, stories, long Instagram captions or postcards.

I have studied Languages and International Relations for my bachelor and History, International Relations and Cooperation for my masters. Now, I’m learning graphic design and data visualization. This blog will be a random mix of all the different subjects from lettering and calligraphy to communication and literature.

Some random facts:

  • I have Evernote lists of restaurants around the world that I went and liked or that I want to go to;
  • When I visit a new place, I always look for a bookshop/library, a nice place to eat and drink, postcards to send and somewhere to watch the sunset;
  • I might have more pens, papers, notebooks, and washi tapes than those I actually need.
  • I like lists.