2019 highlights

A reminder of 2019:

  • I went to Armenia, which was the surprise of the year; hated Prague the same way I did the first time I went there; I felt at home in Cyprus, and was positively surprised by Palma.
  • I went to 3 book clubs in 3 cities in the same month; it made me realize that it is not enough to have the same passions as those can mean utterly different things to different people. Managing expectations is one of the biggest challenges in life.
  • I visited an occupied city and crossed a border on foot.
  • Fell in love with the music of Ólafur Árnalds, and Rosalía. So different, so many feelings.
  • I realized I actually like Lisbon very much.
  • Discovered Ali Smith, Rachel Cusk, Max Porter and Homeland by Aramburu.
  • Pain and Glory, Dark, Bacurau, and Parasite were the movies that made me rethink concepts such as time, identity, struggle, and power.
  • I finally visited Seville and ate (a lot) of croquetas.
  • Started a project postponed ad eternum.
  • Learned about myths, terrorism and data visualization.
  • Created this website, where I did not write half as much as I would like to.

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